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  • Delete orphan tasks from Nintex Workflow which keep showing up in Nintex Mobile


    Once in a while you may end up having orphan Nintex Workflow tasks in your environment. Normally you wont end up in this situation in you production environment as this is normally as result of playing with the workflow or the list.

    But anyway we don’t live in the perfect world and things like this happen and when it happens it can be really annoying. Specially if you are using Nintex Mobile to respond to your tasks. One symptom is that you keep getting the tasks even though you delete local storage. So here I show you how to delete the orphan tasks for good Smile

    1. Navigate to your SharePoint site.
    2. Choose to edit the page.image
    3. Select insert => Web Part. From the Categories column select Nintex Workflow 2013(or 2010) and from Parts column select My Workflow Tasksimage
    4. Press Add button to add the web part to your page.
    5. Once the web part is added press Save button.
    6. You know must be able to see a list of tasks assigned to you in the web part
    7. The ones which have Remove task link button are orphan tasks and you can delete them by clicking on the link.image
    8. if you don’t see them in the first page, make sure you navigate to all pages and delete them all. Unfortunately the this moment there is no way to delete them all in one go and you need to do this one by one by one.image
    9. Go back to your Nintex Mobile, Delete Local Storage and you should not see the tasks anymore.

    Hope this post saves you some headache.

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    Sunday, May 24, 2015 at 6:07 AM

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  • We are hiring and here are some reasons for you to come and work with me at Nintex


    So first things first. You are asking if this is a marketing email? answer is yes. I am expanding my team and I am writing this post to convince smart developers like yourself to come and work with us at Nintex. It’s me writing this and these are my own view points. No one from the company has asked me to write this (in fact no one knows that I am writing this. Smile not even HR).

    If you are reading this post I am assuming you are already familiar with work culture in good IT companies and their benefits like flexible hours, hack days, free drinks, great work place etc. So I won't bore you with them.

    What I really want to talk about is what we do and why I believe Nintex is developer’s heaven Smile 

    1- What do we do?

    So my team and I work on mobile applications. We create enterprise mobile apps in real sense which helps companies be much more productive. Now creating mobile apps is cool itself, but boy tell me about creating high quality enterprise mobile apps. Not many of us are fortunate enough to get to work on enterprise mobile apps which pushes mobile applications to their boundaries. It’s cool. It’s like the hottest thing now.

    2- How do we work?

    We are open to any practical development technologies be it native, xamarin or hybrid. You get to work with the latest and hottest technologies. At the moment we create our apps using native languages Objectve-C, Java and C#. All of us code in all three languages on all three platforms. It’s as sweet as it gets for developers. You get a taste of everything xcode, eclipse, visual studio you name it. But the coolest thing is how we design our apps architecture across the platforms. we have literally managed to adapt all patterns we use in backend technologies to all platforms and keep them alike. Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, Repository pattern you name them and we have them on all platforms. Heck, we have even managed to replicate C#’s Async-Await in Objective-C Smile how cool is that?

    3- What about the team?

    So pretty much everyone in the team comes from enterprise development background and that has helped us a ton. They are all passionate, intelligent developers like yourself who are absolutely fun to work with. We constantly communicate in the team about technical and non-technical stuff. and we learn a lot from each other. It’s absolutely a flat team in which everyone owns the products. All of us keep mentoring each other and teaching each other new stuff. In short you know you are working in a team when someone else fixes your broken unit tests without you knowing Smile

    4- Is it challenging?

    Absolutely. Challenge is what keeps on going and not getting board. Everyday we have some nice technical challenge to attend. It keeps the blood flow constantly.

    5- How is the company?

    I will tell you this from developer to developer, I believe that it says it all; There is absolutely no bureaucracy.

    6- What is the most important thing you achieve?

    OK, for all of us it’s the fact that what we do makes some people’s life easier and make them more productive. If you want to see an example check out this two minutes video

    7- How is life in Australia? (if you are not in Australia already)

    Well there is a reason Melbourne has been the most livable city in the world in the last few years Smile Great people, great life style great city. I am an expat here but I wouldn’t leave this place and neither will my wife Smile both of us love it here.

    I tried to keep it as short as possible and hopefully this will give you some good reasons to come and work with us. So if you fancy working with us in the down under, drop me a line and we’ll setup some interviews. My twitter address is: and my email address is: [email protected].

    Written by vahid

    Monday, November 10, 2014 at 5:38 PM