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    Well it’s really pity that neither VS2010 nor SQL development studio provide SQL syntax formatter. but anyway there good news is that there are sites like  out there which would this for you for free.

    but that was not enough for me. i wanted to have tool with me to do this even when i am not connected to the internet–although does not happen that often Winking smile -

    Since i use Notepad++ as my text editor, i tought there might be a plug in for it. so searching online i found T-SQL formatter plug in.

    it’s not still a perfect formatter but in almost 90% of the times it’s done a great job for me.

    so if you also need a SQL formatter you may want to try this.

    To install it, open Notepad++, click on Plugins Menu and from the Plugin Manager menu click on Mange Plugins sub menu.


    then from the Plugin Manager dialog box, select Poor Man’s T_Sql Formatter can click on install


    it will ask you to restart the application click yes and next time you run Notepad++ you’ll have good SQL formatter plugin installed:


    Written by vahid

    Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 9:27 PM

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