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  • ASP.Net WEB API VS WCF Service


    Well as soon as i heard and read about web api, i was very excited about it but in between i had that mmmmm moment. i was like, this is great but what about WCF? I am not going to create any WCF services anymore?

    so I had think again about it but could not find any concrete answer as these two are overlapping in many areas. so I had to do a bit more R&D about the differences and I came across this blog post from Matt Milner.

    the post has got very fair point on when to use WCF services and when to use web api. but in nutshell I think for most of our feature service development for web –over http-, we are going to use web api and it kind of make sense as it’s much easier to setup and use.

    here is blog post address:

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    Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 5:00 AM

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