How to flag system/image file types in Nintex Analytics 2010

When you are after some statistics in SharePoint, say number of user activities, you want to exclude activities on certain file types. For example we normally are not interested on activities on the webpart or xml file but we are rather interested in activities on docx or xlsx files.

Nintex Analytics 2010 enables to mark the files that you normally want to exclude from your reports as either System file or Image file. it then gives you parameters in some reports to exclude activities on the file types which are flagged as system or image files from the result.

this is a very powerful feature of  NA2010 which gives an extra flexibility to design and use your reports.

in this video I show you how to flag various file types as either system or image file type.

Written by vahid

Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 5:55 AM

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